About Us

Continuing the heritage of offering excellent service

Pryderi Gruffydd moved to London over 25 years ago to work as a national newspaper designer but came back to Wales over 10 years ago so his four daughters could attend a Welsh language school. His ambition to run a company in North Wales stemmed from his roots in the farming community. Pryderi’s family own farms on the Llyn Peninsula where his brother-in-law has a herd of milking sheep.

Lizzie Gruffydd grew up on a nursery, Hooksgreen Herbs, where her dad and brother grow herbs, her aunt owns orchards and her grandfather owned the dairy farm Quinney’s in the 1960’s. Outside of work they ferry their girls around and take them and their three nutty dogs for long walks in the Welsh mountains.

Gareth Davies joined as a co-owner in 2020, having previously run his own agricultural sales and servicing business, Lixwm Garage, reinforcing our engineering capability.

Keith Williams and Phil Tebbutt established and ran Clwyd Agri for 38 years, before deciding to retire in 2017. Keith continues to keep a keen interest in the business and still works with us part-time.

Mark Chadderton has worked for Clwyd Agri for over 17 years and has an active role in the company in every area, organising the parts and service department and keeping the paperwork flowing in the office, with Dewi Jones now having also joined the team to take care of the parts desk.

Pryderi, George Oare and Clwyd Jones make up the sales team , with Pryderi and George focusing mainly on the Agri / UTV side - along with Gareth (when he’s away from the tools !) and Clwyd focusing on the Nugent trailer dealership and on Groundcare products.

Richard, Helen, Mike, Tim, Chris, Sam and Dean continue to work tirelessly sourcing parts, servicing, maintaining and repairing all the machines that are brought into the workshop, or on the farms in the surrounding area of Clwyd Agri - demonstrating day to day the service-based ethos of the company.

All underpinned by Lizzie who keeps us all in check and takes care of managing the finances.